Shopping bag printing​​​​

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210g yellow craft /single printing / 100% cotton straps / the inner part matte coating

The most difficult work that we are printing is a Thursday Island’s shopping bag. We actually deliver every month,
but we carry on the production of their shopping bags earlier than two or three years.
We work more carefully, especially during the winter season. This craft paper is similar with American paper,
but it is stronger and rougher. In some ways, it looks so appropriate to a T.I’s concept.

Anyway, this paper is unmanageable to produce shopping bag…

White craft has special paper

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We used 250g of white craft’s special paper, matte coating, 2 cm of a little bit thick straps mixed with cotton and D.
WE usually use white craft paper, but we do not coat.
However, the feature of the white craft paper is definitely different
when it is coated or not.
Generally, white craft has a little bit ivory, and this kind of paper is rarely produced in only a few companies
in China.
The online purchase is available in a select shop of a men’s premium brand. When I make shopping bags for a brand,
I sometime purchase some goods.
I feel really great when a s…

How much do you know about tooling?

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We produced patterned special paper. The patterns look so different.
We discarded the existing patterning plate and made another one to represent patterns more obviously.
When we produce patterned special paper, we are really careful of printing colors. While patterning, the colors can be changed,
so we had lots of trials and errors and put into several years to solve them.

After then, we found a good solution and now usually press a thing in a plate differently depending on types of paper,
locations, and sizes. Among them, a size of a plate is a sens…

A Chinese chief of a bookkeeper for MAST, Qin YenPing

Qin YenPing joined a MAST company’s branch in Shanghai in 2006, and now, she has a position as a chief of a bookkeeper for MAST by going through various positions, such as production management, accounting, and design.
She can distinguish errors of a product exactly.
Also, she knows how to manage a lot of employees. Her values are beyond our imagination.

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