I am over 30-year-old, and can see my life well.

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We all work overtime at night until 12 a.m. because we need to deliver our products ahead.
Our employees have never been late to work even though they are tired.
This person came to work at 5’o clock in the morning, made a fire, cleaned up, and perforated shopping bags.
We usually make a hole by automatic machine, but for this time, we need to perforate all of the bags one by one
because their size is very large. So, he works early in the morning because it takes a really long time.
I think I have some rules to work, but I seem to be a wicked emplo…

​​ ​Guilty Pleasure

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People know that they will get fat if they eat chocolate a lot. However, they do so because they feel satisfied by chocolate.
That’s why people usually drink and smoke. They definitely know this is not good for their health.
I also do so because I am not sure whether my life is tough or fine now. I just think that I can stop drinking and smoking
if I quit this business, but it seems like just my imagination. Actually, I can stop drinking right now.
I usually drink because I like meeting people. I sometimes drink alone after moving into this rural area.
The number and a…

Knowledge is power.

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I wasn’t a good student at school, but now I am taking a one-hour lecture about paper and shopping bags every Saturday.
It is killing me. How many students really want to study at school? Many people need to study and learn Excel
and other things in order to earn money into the world. What a tough life…
Our production managers, factory managers, accountants, and others gather together and take a creative lecture of Mr. Kook.
This lecture is related to a way of distinguishing paper, calculating, and printing with a four-color and cmyjk…
If I were one of our employees, I …

A Chinese chief of a bookkeeper for MAST, Qin YenPing

Qin YenPing joined a MAST company’s branch in Shanghai in 2006, and now, she has a position as a chief of a bookkeeper for MAST by going through various positions, such as production management, accounting, and design.
She can distinguish errors of a product exactly.
Also, she knows how to manage a lot of employees. Her values are beyond our imagination.

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