Sweden Cosmetic Brand, L:A BRUKET

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How I know about Sweden cosmetic brands because I don’t know all the cosmetic brands in South Korea?
We took a really long time to make samples for the brand. It was a pretty simple shopping bag,
but we should care about any details. We used rolls of double-sided craft imported in China
that made from a famous paper company in Sweden.
The brand, L:A BRUCKET selected this paper and asked us to find the most similar colors. So, it took a long time to do so.

When I look at a photo of the goods first, I didn’…

A shopping bag master artisan

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It’s time that our Chinese boss wants our factory workers to come back to work as soon as possible and fold shopping bags,
but the employees miss the last few holiday periods. I can see lots of shopping bag companies in South Korea
when I search them on Naver. Some of them are better or bigger than us, and others are just similar.

But, one obvious thing is that we all do our best on producing ‘a shopping bag.’
There are only a few factories that produce shopping bags with automatic machines in China.
One of them started their business from a boss’s fath…

An affluent society for everyone

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Whenever I go to Jeju Island in South Korea, I unconsciously visit several places.
At that time, it was raining, so I had no choice but to go to a cave. Probably, I have been there ten more times.

Everyone looked not so great… They didn’t laugh at all. South Korea has a ‘maniac’ culture,
​and Japan also has a similar culture called as ‘Otaku.’
The appearance of this kind of culture started with the weakened family community.
After then, this developmental Otaku’s feature has recently been ‘solidarity and symbiosis.’
This culture may have been changed further and…

A Chinese chief of a bookkeeper for MAST, Qin YenPing

Qin YenPing joined a MAST company’s branch in Shanghai in 2006, and now, she has a position as a chief of a bookkeeper for MAST by going through various positions, such as production management, accounting, and design.
She can distinguish errors of a product exactly.
Also, she knows how to manage a lot of employees. Her values are beyond our imagination.

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