special paper and general one

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250 g of White Craft / matte coating

When we made this sample first, we used special paper. However, its price is twice as much as white craft paper
that we usually use. We generally purchase more than a ton of paper.

However, when it comes to the sampling work for a brand we have recently been producing,
the amount of printing paper sometimes weighs more than ten tons. If we order more than a ton of paper,
we can cut more than 90% of it into size we want and buy paper at a lower price because we can save it.

As for this brand, they wanted to …

A crime of coercion

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When she uses a desktop, the power is sometimes off. So, she lost the files about bookkeeping in the computer
altogether and did it again. I bought a laptop for her. Even though the electricity fails, she is able to carry on accounting work
without any worries. She is nineteen years old in China. I usually try to consider her to respect her ideas.
She might have a hard time having a mind of her own. She is still supported by her parents,
so she judges something by herself and is going to create a new standard for the judgment based on her experience.

No one must…

A Chinese two-child per family policy

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Since last year, several Chinese policies have been changed.
One of the most notable things is that it is possible for parents to have two kids.
Before a population control policy was established in China, the country had a large work force,
but after the policy, it has a rapidly shrinking labor force working population around the teens, twenties, and thirties.

China can establish an artificial policy, whereas the youth in South Korea refuses to give birth to a baby.
So, it is pretty different. Some countries are in trouble because they are too populous or decrease in popu…

A Chinese chief of a bookkeeper for MAST, Qin YenPing

Qin YenPing joined a MAST company’s branch in Shanghai in 2006, and now, she has a position as a chief of a bookkeeper for MAST by going through various positions, such as production management, accounting, and design.
She can distinguish errors of a product exactly.
Also, she knows how to manage a lot of employees. Her values are beyond our imagination.

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