Film marketing in China

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Recently, the hottest movie in China is 《港囧》
​I couldn’t watch 《人再囧途之泰囧》 that was released in the past, but this movie reached 38,000,000 people within a month.The genre of this movie is a comedy, its marketing gets a good response.
​Actually, I am much interested in a movie in Korea and China. I want to become a filmmaker, not a director in China if I can afford it
​A movie is a kind of art. I want to perform art. Anyway, this is recently the hottest movie, and it progresses co-marketing with T-mall.
This became an issue in China.

They starte…

My own way to drink Jagermeister

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There is a price difference between a car to buy in Korea and China, which is almost twice even though it is the same German car.
The price of a car in Korea is much cheaper.
In a case of Volkswagen, there is a price distinction depending on an imported car
or domestically produced car in China.Anyway, the price of a car is really expensive in China. Taxes are too high.
There are a Nissan 12-passenger car and a Jetta car of Volkswagen in a factory in Shandong,
and in Yiwu,
there are also similar sorts of cars.
They are really expensive.
A Jetta car of Volkswagen is approximately 30,000,…

A Chinese chief of a bookkeeper for MAST, Qin YenPing

Qin YenPing joined a MAST company’s branch in Shanghai in 2006, and now, she has a position as a chief of a bookkeeper for MAST by going through various positions, such as production management, accounting, and design.
She can distinguish errors of a product exactly.
Also, she knows how to manage a lot of employees. Her values are beyond our imagination.

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